Rockwell College Pavilion Campaign

Rockwell College Pavilion Campaign

The Rockwell College Union would like to highlight the current campaign underway to develop a new high-quality pavilion facility for students at the college. A fundraising effort is currently taking place to finance the new building. 

We at the union would like to take the opportunity to thank Mr. Gay Mangan for his efforts thus far in securing donations and in organising the campaign. 

Below is a brief interview with Mr. Mangan, outlining the progress of the campaign so far, and the details of the new facility.


Could you briefly describe the campaign so far?

“The campaign thus far has been very encouraging. There are many past students of Rockwell who have a very high regard for the college, and a great sense of loyalty to their Alma Mater. The reception I have gotten when I approached people, in what have been for many very difficult times, has been very warm. Those who are in a position to donate generously have done so, and some who have had to face challenges due to austerity have been equally generous.”


How receptive have people been to the need for a new pavilion?

“Any person who has been a student of Rockwell in the past 50 years realises that the existing pavilion is an abomination, and is completely unsuitable for a    

co-ed school with the history, traditions and achievements of Rockwell. Rockwell is recognised as a top class school in sport. The Union wants to ensure this reputation is guaranteed into the future, by responding to the needs of the students at Rockwell.”


What are the key points of the new pavilion's design?

“A key point of the new pavilion’s design is that there will be modern changing room facilities suitable for boys and girls. A gym room is planned, and also facilities for referees.”


 What benefits do you foresee for students in having an updated facility?

“The new pavilion is to be named after Fr. Aidan Lehane, who served in Rockwell as Dean of Discipline and President for almost two decades. Sport plays an important role in the lives of Rockwell students. The College has contributed to many successful sports people who have achieved fame nationally and internationally, and we are confident this new sports facility will help create many new stars in the future.”


We would like to thank Gay once more for his efforts, and encourage any interested parties to donate as circumstances allow.

Donations Welcome