Prize Day at Rockwell College 2016

Prize Day at Rockwell College 2016

At the Annual Prize Day event this year, Rockwell College welcomed Ms. Muriel McAuley, granddaughter of Thomas McDonagh as Guest of Honour.The Principal, Ms. Audrey OByrne, in her opening speech, spoke of Thomas Mc Donagh spending  a number of years at Rockwell and his poetry being influenced by the beauty of the scenes he enjoyed every day. She commented : In this Centenary year of commemoration, it was fitting that Ms. Mc Auley is here with us at this key event in our school year to further reinforce the connection between the Mc Donagh family and Rockwell College.  

She also praised the winners and nominees, reminding them that "One of the greatest attributes you can have is a good work ethic it is a trait that will benefit you throughout your life and will ensure that you can face the tough times which will inevitably come." The Principal went on to desciribe Rockwell College as  "a community, with adults and children at its heart, and as with every community, each plays their part in its continuance and in its success.'  She also welcomed Mr. Dónal Higgins, the President of the Rockwell College Union and she thanked him for the considerable support the Union gives to Rockwell College.

Muriel Mc Auley in her speech referred to the times in which McDonagh lived. He was instrumental in founding the A.S.T.I. and showed his devotion to education where he taught in St. Endas in Dublin and as a lecturer in UCD. He was a member of Conradh na Gaeilge and had a sense of dedication, the conviction, and the need to follow through. She also regaled the captive audience with anecdotes of this great man, and his important friendship with Padraig Pearse. 

Union President Dónal Higgins spoke warmly of his memories of his time as a pupil at the College and gave the attendees a wonderful insight into the Rockwell College of past decades. He was enthusiastically received by his audience and encourgae Union membership and attendance at the 2017 Annual Dinner in Cahir next March. 

The recipients of the Union Prizes on the day were: 

Lochlin English (Student of the Year), 

Oisin Fiuza (Thomas McDonagh Literary Award)

Michael Murphy (James Joy Gold Medal for Senior Debating)

                    Muriel McAuley presenting the Thomas Mc Donagh award to Oisin Fiuza

Donal Higgins, President of Rockwell Past Pupils Union presenting Student of the Year to Lochlin English