Annual Golfing Competition 2018 - Details and History

Annual Golfing Competition 2018 - Details and History

We are delighted to announce the return of our Annual Golfing event, held this year in the beautiful surrounds of Doonbeg Golf club. Join fellow Rockwellians in one of our most anticipated yearly gatherings, with dinner, great prizes, and excellent socialising to be had.

The Competition

The competition will be held in Doonbeg, Co.Clare on Friday October 12th, with tee-times ranging from 1.30pm to 3pm. The competition will be run on an individual basis. The competition is not restricted to past-pupils, and we would encourage you to bring along your friends, acquaintances, and golfing buddies. Dinner will be held afterwards in the the Ocean View Restaurant, and we anticipate a great social atmosphere!

Tickets for both the competition and dinner can be purchased at the link below. We would encourage you all to book your place at the earliest convenience!

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Competition History

In light of the continued success of the competition, we have taken the opportunity to present a brief history of the competition, and the important role it occupies in the broader fabric of Rockwell’s history.

The annual tournament is an expression of Rockwell’s continued commitment to the sport of golf, which has been a particular point of pride during our history. We have been fortunate to have possessed, until very recently, an on-campus golf course, which has been the source of a significant sporting spirit in the college, and which has allowed us to turn out a consistently high grade of players. That so many have taken the opportunity to return each year to play with their fellow colleagues is strong testament to this fact.

A Brief History of Rockwell Golfing

Golf has long been a part of Rockwell’s legacy, with a great number of our former students going on to excel at the highest levels in the sport. That Rockwell can claim to be the only school in Ireland that has produced not one, but two members of the Walker Cup team, is something we take immense pride in.

In 1963 Dr. David Sheahan (Class of 1958) was chosen to represent Britain and Ireland against the US in the biennial contest played between the best amateurs in the world. Sheahan incredibly won a professional European Tour event - the 1961 Jeyes Open. Only three others have emulated that feat - Pablo Martin, Danny Lee and Shane Lowry - and none of them were medical students at the time of their victory!

Only twenty years later another Rockwellian, Arthur Pierse (1971), would go on to compete in the Walker cup. We are very fortunate today to retain a memento of this great occasion, as Arthur’s Cup Jacket is currently displayed prominently upon school grounds.

Of course, Rockwell’s golfing excellence extended beyond the Walker Cup. Indeed, in the same year as Arthur Pierse’s great achievement, a team composed of current Doonbeg golfing professional Brian Shaw (1983), Declan McInerney (1984) and Tony McCarthy (1983), under the expert guidance of Fr. J.C Ryan, would carry the college to victory in the Aer Lingus Irish Schools Golf Championship.

The Annual Tournament 

In light of the above, it should be no surprise that the Union would find its own expression of Rockwellian Golfing Passion. In 1950 a trophy was presented to us by Willie O’Neill (Class of 1935, Union President 1960-62) for the purposes of an Annual Event. The first event, held that year and won by Willie himself, would serve as the template for a competition that has endured for 55 years.

It would be remiss to neglect to mention the Union staff that have so ably managed this crucial event over the years, and to whom both the Union and the Rockwell Community owe a great debt. While Willie would ensure the smooth running of the event for its debut years, it would later be managed by a number of esteemed former members, with special credit to Jim Peters, Kevin Prendergast (1957), and more recently Domhnall Blair (1961). It was the students of this period, the 1950s and 60s, that were instrumental in the early years of the tournament, and in the resurgence of the tournament in 2014.

For in the early 2000s, the trophy itself would go missing, and would not be contested again until the 2014 competition, where it re-established itself as a prominent character in the Rockwell calendar. The trophy's inscription serves as a record of many stalwarts and characters from the College and Union's history - Willie O’Neill, Jim Peters (1945), Gay Mangan (1959), Matt O’Mahony (1961), the Hill brothers, Landy (1965) and Charlie (1963), Vinnie Daly (1956) and the aforementioned Fr J.C. Ryan.  

The Present Day

This year’s competition marks a first, with the competition moving  to County Clare, bastion of golf, and of Rockwellian golfers in particular, with the Lahinch area notably hosting the McInerneys and Slatterys of Rockwell golfing fame. It is also the home club of the current cup-holder Brian MacGoey (1985), currently holding a two year streak of consecutive wins. As such, we expect a highly competitive atmosphere in this year’s competition

The Union looks forward to seeing you all on October 12th!

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Roll of Honour

  • 1950 - W.J. O’Neill
  • 1951 - D. Stapleton
  • 1952 - E.C Powell
  • 1953 - W.N. Fitzgerald
  • 1954 - L.F. Kiely
  • 1955 - N. McNamara
  • 1956 - L.F. Kiely
  • 1957 - Not played
  • 1958 - E.J. Dillon
  • 1959 - M. O’Sullivan 
  • 1960 - R. Foley
  • 1961 - F. Blair
  • 1962 - J.G. Lyons
  • 1963 - Rev J.O’Mahony
  • 1964 - W.J. O’Neill
  • 1965 - P. Horgan
  • 1966 - Rev J.O’Donoghue
  • 1967 - Rev J. O’Mahony
  • 1968 - Michael Burke
  • 1969 - Richard Ryan
  • 1970 - Eddie O'Neill
  • 1971 - Rev J.C. Ryan
  • 1972 - Oliver Synott
  • 1973 - A.Pierse
  • 1974 - M. O'Mahony
  • 1975 - A. O'Dwyer
  • 1976 - P. O’Dwyer
  • 1977 - F. Blair
  • 1978 - M O’Sullivan
  • 1979 - M.B. Foley
  • 1980 - A.J. Taylor
  • 1981 - J. King

  • 1982 - E.J. Butler
  • 1983 - P.D. Gately
  • 1984 - J.V. Daly
  • 1985 - Austin O'Brien
  • 1986 - J.M. Peters
  • 1987 - J.M. Peters
  • 1988 - M. O'Mahony
  • 1989 - Rev Mi. Smyth
  • 1990 - Not played
  • 1991 - P.T. Hourihan
  • 1992 - Landy Hill
  • 1993 - Gay Mangan
  • 1994 - Charlie Hill
  • 1995 - Landy Hill
  • 1996 - J.M. Peters
  • 1997 - E.J. Teehan
  • 1998 - Billy Irwin
  • 1999 - Morgan Lyons
  • 2000 - Gerry O'Brien
  • 2001 - John Irwin
  • 2002 - Frank O'Leary
  • 2003 - Frank O’Leary
  • 2004-2013 Not played
  • 2014 - Billy Lee
  • 2015 - Peter Clerkin
  • 2016 - Brian MacGoey
  • 2017 - Brian MacGoey

Multiple Winners

  • Three times (1 winner) - J.M. Peters (1986, 1987 and 1996)
  • Twice - (8 winners) W.J O’Neill (1950, 1964), L.F Kiely (1954, 1956), F. Blair (1961, 1977) Rev J. O’Mahony (1963, 1967), M. O’Mahony (1974, 1988). Landy Hill (1992, 1995), Frank O’Leary (2002, 2003) and Brian MacGoey (2016, 2017)