Interview with Diarmuid Barron

Interview with Diarmuid Barron

Diarmuid Barron is an Ireland U20s rugby player, and a former student of Rockwell College. We recently got in touch to discuss his experience with the squad so far, as well as his plans going forward. We would like to thank Diarmuid for his time, which is greatly appreciated by the Union. 

1. How have you found the transition to the Irish squad, particularly after your latest run? 

On the transition, it's a strange one, we've been together since early September as a squad so it's been fine, great bunch of lads with pretty common goals so I think it makes things that small bit easier. The environment is pretty tough and full on but it's been enjoyable for the most part. In regards to the rugby part it's been a big step up and been very demanding but a step in the right direction I'd like to think, playing games of course makes things more enjoyable also. So coming through the six nations so far has been good, bar maybe the results.

2. What does your training schedule look like now, and how does it compare to your earlier days in Rockwell? 

We'd be in Dublin Monday and Tuesday and back up again Thursday and Friday, we'd have monitoring, basically how you're feeling and some physical markers such as weighing in. Then we'd train twice on a Monday once in the morning and the evening, usually the morning session would be units so scrum and lineouts for me, then the evening would be more team orientated. Throughout the Monday we'd have 2/3 meetings also. On a Tuesday then we'd train again, usually a pretty tough session and a couple of more meetings before departing. Back on Thursday we'd have a few meetings maybe a walkthrough of things then a captains run, on Friday we'd do walk through and meetings and then try relax really until the game. It's a big step up volume wise from the training in school, which is to be expected.

3. Have you faced any unique challenges in your new environment?

I suppose the unique challenges I've faced have been injury. I broke my thumb during the summer which kept me out for 5 months, as well as tearing ligaments in my ankle earlier on this year. It hasn't been ideal but I've been lucky until and since that, so may it last.

 4. What are your plans for the future, now that you’ve had a chance to properly engage at the U20 level? 

Plans for the future? It may sound silly but I'm not sure, if things work out in rugby that'd be great but I'm also studying business in UL so there's a plan B I hope.


5. Lastly, and I suppose most importantly for some of our readers, what would you consider the most important thing for young players looking to advance to the next level in their performances?

Good question and I'm not really sure, but I'd say maybe once you put your mind to something to stick at it, put down the head. There’s no substitute for hard work really, there's a lot of sacrifices even to get to the point I'm at and a lot more to make to try and step to the next level hopefully but as long as you're enjoying it you're on the right path. Another thing would be while you're training, to make the most of it and train as hard as you can because your performance in a match usually comes from how well you train.


Once again, we would like to thank Diarmuid for taking the time to talk to us, and we wish him all the best going forward!

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